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A small gallery of Ferns & Fern Allies

This is a small sampling of ferns that are cultivated here in South Florida. Our members are able to grow a wide variety of tropical ferns and will showcase them from time to time. New species 
as well as those that have not been in the mainstream are slowly making their way to the general public. This is primarily being accomplished by propagation (division of plants) and spore propagation.  

While spore propagation seems to be a time consuming task for most, one of our members, Charles Alford seems to have the knack for producing ferns rather quickly. His initial offerings were of all of the Platycerium, and now he has expanded his production line to include an impressive array of desirable tropical ferns.

Other ferns come from members who are introducing new species, and institutions who are requesting our assistance in propagating ferns.

This gallery of ferns represents some of the exquisite species that are grown.  Please click on the thumbnails for links to ferns.

albino_nephrolepis.jpg (36226 bytes) Angiopteris fiddle.jpg (44636 bytes) Ecuadorean Polypodium.jpg (34264 bytes) Drynaria.jpg (26035 bytes)
Selaginella.jpg (27879 bytes) Nidus and Ophioglossum.jpg (63099 bytes) Tectaria maingayi.jpg (65233 bytes) Davallia fejeensis.jpg (77098 bytes)
Adiantopsis_radiata.jpg (54592 bytes)

Whiteheadii.jpg (90186 bytes)

maidenhair.jpg (57076 bytes) Phlegmaria cut.jpg (120111 bytes)
Blechnum sp. (new caledonia).jpg (51867 bytes) Platycerium ridleyi.jpg (29877 bytes) Malaysian fern.jpg (59149 bytes) Doryopteris ludens.jpg (51842 bytes)