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Lycopodium squarrosum

The Lycopodiums are fern allies, and not true ferns.  Some taxonomists have separated them into three groups:  Lycopodium, Huperzia and Lycopodiella.

Many growers continue to use the name Lycopodium when referring to the epiphytic plants.  There are Lycopodium in the neotropics as well as old world tropics.  The plants of the old world tropics are in great demand and are beginning to make a comeback as cultivated plants. 

While there are some distinctive appearances to many of the species, one species Lycopodium phlegmaria, is quite variable.  This species will have leaves that are larger and spaced wider apart than other species.  Another variable species, though not as varied is Lycopodium squarrosum.  This species appears to have several forms.

The species that are in cultivation in South Florida are:

Lycopodium squarrosum

Lycopodium phlegmaria

Lycopodium phlegmarioides

Lycopodium carinatum

Lycopodium nummularifolium

Lycopodium quadrangularis

Lycopodium proliferum

Lycopodium sp. (Blue Giant)

Lycopodium sp. (The Phillipines)