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Tectaria maingayi



An interesting Tectaria found in Malaysia and Singapore.  Note its strongly dimorphic fronds.  

Tectarias are pantropical, and quite varied. In Florida we have the Halberd Fern, Tectaria heracleifolia and T. incisa.  There is also rumor of a hybrid between the two. We also have a very small Tectaria, T.fimbriata. While the majority of them are bi-pinnate species, there is an attractive once-pinnate species in Singapore, T. singaporeana. There is another species from Indonesia that has fronds that are arranged like an openflower, T. hilocarpa.

It is a handsome group of ferns, with many of them producing bulbils on the fronds. 
These include, T. vivipara, T. gemmifera, T. angulata