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Blue Lycopodium sp.


Tang Fook Leong and blue species           Tom Moore and blue species

This interesting glaucous Lycopodium  was collected in Malaysia.  It was originally thought to be Lycopodium dalhousianum, another blue species that exists in Australia.  The plant in the photograph was discovered in an old oil palm grove (estate) 
near Gua Musang on Peninsular Malaysia. The day that this was discovered, there were five different species of Lycopodium growing in the same area.  There was only one of the blue species.   The fronds reached a length of approximately 8 feet long.

There were numerous L. phlegmaria, L. phlemarioides, L. nummularifolium and only one species of L. carinatum.  
The only one not present was L. squarrosum, which is thought to be rather common.