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Davallia fejeensis 'Plumosa'


The above species is a specimen of Davallia fejeensis "Plumosa' (in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's Conservatory).  This well-grown specimen receives bright light during the day and is watered by an overhead sprinkler once a day.

The Davallias are quite popular among plant growers, not just fern lovers.  These rabbit-foot ferns are quite varied in their appearance.  The family includes Humata, Davallodes, Scyphularia, Araiostegia, and Leucostegia.

There are only a few Davallia-type plants (Humata tyermanii e.g.) which can be purchased in a local garden shop.  The majority of the plants are usually found in the hands of die-hard collectors.  These ferns usually are available through fern or tropical plant shows.

They range in size from small (H. tyermanii) to large ( D. denticulata).